TechnologyWafer ID characters reading

The recognition algorithms developed by us provide highest reading performance in industry.
The ID character marked on a wafer may be very difficult to read due to the influence of the film which is formed by the manufacturing process or the circuit pattern of the wafer.

For such difficult samples, they are read by improve the image with changing the light condition or applying image filter processing as preprocessing.
Failure to improve the image quality makes the result in reading as a wrong character.You can discard the reading result when it misrecognize with a low reading score.
Although, in case of misrecognition with a high score, the traceability management becomes very difficult.

In order to avoid such a problem, we have developed a novel technology to evolve own reading algorithms, improved the ID reading accuracy and reduced the misreading rate.

Our wafer ID reading algorithms are realized the best performance in the various situations by selecting the optimizing filters and activating the misrecognition prevention algorithms and using different recognition modes.