HST Pleiad CL4eCameraLink Digital Frame Grabber

It is an frame grabber board that connects four camera link
cameras and achives stable image capturing at high speed.

HST Pleiad CL4e

HST Pleiad CL4e Features

Independent Four Channels Input

It manages simultaneous acquisitions from up to four base configuration CameraLink cameras.

PCI Express(x4)Bus Interface

PCI Express(x4) provides high-speed transfer for high-resolution images.

Fast Image Transfer and Memory Access

Provides direct memory access(DMA),pipelined processing and on-board image buffering. They maximize acquisition speed and efficiency with pipelined processing, which allows high-speed image transfer for vision application.

Camera Support

Supports area and line scan cameras, color and monochrome cameras.

PoCL(Power Over CameraLink)


Supported Pixel Clock up to 85MHz


Supported Camera Manufacturer

OMRON SENTECH, Sony, CIS, Toshiba teli,Primetech engineering, Hitachi Kokusai

Software Development Environments

Support Darwin Vision Library

HST Pleiad CL4e
  • Independent four channels image acquisition
  • Supports high-speed image capture for area and line scan cameras, color and monochrome cameras for camera link (Base) interface
  • Two boards configulation. (Main and sub board)
  • x4 Standard height
  • Half length card (111.15mm × 167.65mm)
  • SDR mini connector ×4
  • 512MB FIFO
  • Supports four Base Configuration
    CameraLink camera up to 85MHz per input.
  • Independent four DMA channel.
  • Provides direct memory access(DMA),
    pipelined processing and on-board image buffering.
Parallel I/O
  • GPIO×16
  • Trigger line x4, Storobe line x4
  • 24 bit position counter, encorder input