Software Development

Applicable Industries and Equipments

Semiconductor, Electronics (electronic components, printed wiring board) industry, industrial robot industry,
pharmaceutical industry related manufacturing equipments and inspection equipments

HST Vision Advantages

HST Vision Advantages

Engineers with high image processing expertise will develop image processing software for your company using the industry’s highest level of technology.

HST Vision Advantages

We have extensive experience and experience in image processing software development for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, various electronics related equipment and various pharmaceutical related equipment.

HST Vision Advantages

From specification review to development, mass production, support after introduction, we will work together with customers promptly. We also offer image processing training and consulting on various subject.

Field of Expertise

Machine Vision Application (Alignment, ID reading, Measurement, Inspection)
Computer based Motion control / Database software /
Total solution for tne equipments with Machine Vision Software /
Machine Vision Consulting, Technical Support

Development experience

Semiconductor and Electronics
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Wafer Alignment
  • Probe inspection
  • Wafer ID reading (OCR, T7 DataMatrix)
PCB Exposure
  • Alignment
Electronic component related equipment
  • Solder paste inspection
  • Ball device (BGA) inspection
  • Discrete component inspection
Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment
  • Image display (measurement, inspection etc.)
  • ID reading, verification